Announcing the 2019


What’s the most intense mountain bike ride in the Rockies? What ski story has gone untold? Who is the most inspiring hiker on the trails? What paddlers are changing the game? What race plays it forward? Who is growing participation in outdoor adventure? Who has created the best “Go Outside and Play” film of them all? We want to see your films. We want to help you tell your stories. Show us.


It’s time for the first annual "Go Outside and Play" Film Contest! We are inviting Elevation Outdoors readers to submit their own short films and adventure videos in a contest to determine the best stories that have not yet been told.

Using the form to left, submit the URL for your one- to five-minute film from your preferred video sharing service (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). Be sure to choose the adventure film category that best matches your work. The last day to enter is March 31.

Your film will be reviewed by our team of adventure film experts and aficionados. If your film is selected for the finals, Elevation Outdoors will be in touch with further instructions.